Issue: A

On the mobile application, when receiving a push notification, some users have identified that when they click the notification to open the app, it is causing the app to shut down. This issue happens when the app is open in the background when a user clicks on the notification. It does not occur when the app is closed and the user clicks on the notification.

-- Status: The fix is prioritized and currently being addressed.

Issue: B

A couple users have experienced the mobile application crash while trying to create a new 'Case' message room. The issue appears to be confined to a small number of users at this time. A probable cause has been identified.

Update. The 'Case' message room is being updated to support additional organ types.

-- Status: Fix scheduled for next release.

Issue: C

On the web application, when composing a message that is longer and requires a higher amount of edits, it is causing the application to close with an error message for some users.

-- Status: Investigating

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