Reported 1-25-21 :

App crashed with the ‘Well this is Embarrassing’ message when you single tap on a message to get message details AND the message includes a hyperlink.

The links within the messages will still work. A user can also double tap the message to acknowledge the message, the issue only occurs when the message has a hyperlink and a user single taps that message to see the message details (which includes the who has / hasn’t seen the message).

A fix has been made and will be a part of version: 2.29.1

Reported 1-21-21 :

‘Invalid field: department’ error upon updating department in My Profile, when selecting ‘Organ Quality’

Current solution is to select a different department as a temporary placeholder. Selecting either ‘Organ’ or ‘Quality’ will be available in next update.

– A fix is ready and will be part of version: 2.29.1

Reported 1-20-21 :

Failing to join organization, during registration.

If a user is trying to register and selects ‘Organ Quality’, they will get an error that says they failed to join their organization. Two current solutions:

  • Choose another department for the moment (all other departments will be successful)

  • ‘Skip’ joining an organization using button in upper right corner, which allow registration to complete. Then request to join the organization via updating via the My Profile screen.

– A fix is ready and will be part of version: 2.29.1

Reported 1-7-21:

Get the following screen when trying to enter a message room. ‘Well this is Embarrassing. Something went wrong - this fault has been reported.’

  • When you look at your list of message rooms, does the specific room you are trying to enter show unread messages number?

  • If yes, can you swipe left on the message room and click 'clear'

  • That should clear the number of unread messages. If everything works to this point, you should be able to enter the message room.

-- A fix is ready and will be part of version: 2.29.1

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