From Camera:

  1. From within an existing room, click the paperclip icon in the lower left hand corner

  2. If you would like to take a new picture or video, select “From Camera”.

  3. Take the picture or video, then click “Use Photo” or “Use Video”.

  4. Add a caption (optional)

  5. Click “Send”.

NOTE: files will NOT save to your personal device.

Choose from Image Gallery:

  1. To send an existing picture or video from your phone, click “Choose from Library”.

  2. Select the photo or video, add a caption (optional)

  3. Click “Send”

Choose from Files:

  1. To add a pdf, select 'Choose from Files'

  2. Select the pdf you would like to attached.

  3. Add caption (optional)

  4. Click 'Send'

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