Are you able to receive general SMS text messages to your phone? If you are having trouble receiving any text messages, this problem may be due to a reception or connectivity issue and it is recommended that you move to an area with better cellular reception or where the wifi connection is stronger.

If you cellular device is otherwise acting normal and you are able to send and receive text messages from your phone, then this is indeed an issue with the application and we recommend the following steps:

  1. Please check to make sure that the number you have entered is correct.

  2. Please check to make sure that the number has not been used to create an account. If you are unsure if you already have an account or if your number has been used to create a account already, we recommend contacting your assigned admin or by emailing our support team at [email protected]

Are you on a secure hospital wifi network?

  1. Try disconnecting from the wifi by turning off wifi on your device. If you do not receive a text message from TXP Chat containing the confirmation code immediately, close and re-open the application and re-enter your phone number.

  2. If you still do not receive a confirmation code, please email [email protected] with subject line: “signup-error: confirmation code”

Some hospital wifi networks have specific security settings that will not allow unregistered/unknown applications to send and receive information to any device that is connected to the secure wifi network. Unfortunately we cannot do much as the networks security settings are managed and controlled by the host. To make sure that this doesn’t happen in the future, you can send an email to information services at your institution. Feel free to copy [email protected] to the email! We would love to help you!

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